E11: Mastering Money and Mindset with CRNA Coach Amanda Kay

Amanda Kay CRNA

In this episode of MoneyRx for CRNAs, we’re joined by the remarkable Amanda Kay, whose journey from the foundational role of nursing to embracing the autonomy of being an independent CRNA is inspiring.

With a rich background that spans orthopedic trauma to hospice care, Amanda has honed her skills across a variety of medical fields. In fact, today she masterfully balances contract work through her S-Corp with independent engagements, navigating the complexities of freelance work with confidence.

In this episode, Amanda opens up about the critical role of financial planning and strategic thinking in her transition to full-time freelance work. Furthermore, she dives deep into the essentials of understanding market rates, negotiating contracts effectively, and managing the often irregular income streams that come with being an independent practitioner.

Amanda Kay Shares Her Strategies for CRNA Success

Beyond the logistics, Amanda shares her approach to scheduling, striving to strike that delicate balance between fulfilling work commitments and cherishing family time. Specifically, she targets working 13 to 15 shifts per month, a strategy that allows her to maintain flexibility and prioritize her lifestyle.

Amanda also extends her expertise beyond her clinical work into the realm of coaching and consulting, where she guides aspiring CRNAs through their careers. Accordingly, she emphasizes the importance of mindset and leadership in healthcare, underscoring how personal growth through avenues like coaching and parenting has reshaped her approach to stress and life balance.

Lastly, you’ll hear how Amanda transitioned from a perfectionist to a person who values peace and enjoyment, focusing on what truly matters in life. To be sure, this discussion is packed with profound insights and practical advice for CRNAs navigating the complex waters of independent medical practice and personal growth.

And with that, I hope you enjoyed this episode of MoneyRx for CRNAs with special guest Amanda Kay.

Episode Highlights

[04:50] Amanda’s transition to full-time freelance work

[08:01] Navigating the financial aspects of freelance CRNA work.  

[16:42] Building a schedule and managing workload as an independent CRNA.

[18:35] Launching The Mindful SRNA/RRNA Podcast and Amanda’s coaching programs for aspiring CRNAs.  

[23:45] Exploring the role of mindset in achieving your dreams.

[26:55] Balancing work and life: Amanda’s strategies for success.

[31:42] Navigating financial strategies as an independent CRNA.

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