E13: Empowering Future CRNAs Through Mentorship and Community with Kiki Mattress

Kiki Mattress

Today, we have a remarkable guest whose journey and accomplishments are truly inspiring. Joining us is Kiki Mattress, a CRNA and independent contractor from South Carolina. Indeed, Kiki’s path to becoming a CRNA is one of resilience, determination, and an unwavering commitment to her goals.

Her story begins with a career in engineering technology, a field Kiki quickly realized was not her passion. Inspired by caring for her sick grandmother, she decided to pivot toward nursing, embarking on a challenging journey marked by long waiting lists for nursing school and the demanding transition into healthcare. Starting as a surgical tech, Kiki juggled her education and career while raising three young children, eventually becoming an ICU nurse and, finally, a CRNA.

However, throughout her education, Kiki and her family faced significant financial and emotional struggles. These experiences not only shaped her character but also fueled her desire to mentor others, leading her to launch her own blog and establish the Society of Future Nurse Anesthetists, which offers structured support, shadowing opportunities, and educational resources to aspiring CRNAs.

Kiki Mattress on the Importance of Finding Meaning and Fulfillment As a CRNA

In this episode, Kiki discusses the importance of finding meaning and fulfillment beyond the financial rewards of being a CRNA, sharing her insights on overcoming imposter syndrome, the significance of mindset, and the joy she finds in creating supportive communities. We also explore the financial planning strategies essential for 1099 CRNAs, discussing the benefits of an S corporation, the advantages of retirement planning options like solo 401(k)s and SEP IRAs, and the concept of cash balance plans for higher savings.

Whether you’re an aspiring CRNA or simply looking to navigate the complexities of career, finance, and personal fulfillment, you’re sure to find Kiki’s insights both valuable and inspiring. So, with that, I hope you enjoy this episode of MoneyRx for CRNAs with special guest Kiki Mattress.

Episode Highlights

[04:08] Kiki’s early career and transition to nursing.

[08:01] The path that led Kiki to create CRNA Chase Academy.

[13:33] How Kiki established the Society of Future Nurse Anesthetists.

[19:46] Kiki Mattress on finding fulfillment beyond a high-paying job.

[24:04] Financial planning concerns for aspiring CRNAs.

[27:03] Tax planning strategies for 1099 CRNAs.

[32:54] Defining success in the CRNA profession.

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