E15: Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur with Alesia Quante

Today, we have a truly inspiring guest joining us—Alesia Quante, the dynamic owner and educator behind 1099 Success Academy.

Alesia’s journey is a testament to the power of taking control of your professional and personal life. After graduating from the Medical University of South Carolina, she initially embarked on a career as a W2 employee in Florida. However, driven by a desire for more autonomy and inspired by her family’s entrepreneurial background, Alesia made the bold decision to switch to 1099 work, seeking greater flexibility and a lifestyle aligned with her passions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and following a personal health scare, Alesia founded the 1099 Success Academy. This academy provides a structured and cost-effective path for W2 employees, particularly CRNAs, to transition to successful 1099 employment. With the support of her sister and a rapidly growing social media community, Alesia has helped countless individuals regain control over their careers and achieve financial independence.

Alesia Quante Shares the Benefits of 1099 Work for CRNAs

In this episode, Alesia shares invaluable insights into the benefits of 1099 work, including the ability to design a lifestyle that suits your personal and professional needs. She explains how her academy supports CRNAs through comprehensive courses covering essential topics such as tax education, legal aspects, accounting, medical billing, and more. Alesia also reveals how mentorship and community support play a crucial role in overcoming self-limiting beliefs and achieving success.

Alesia’s story is one of resilience, innovation, and dedication to empowering others. Whether you’re already established in your CRNA career or just getting started, Alesia offers valuable resources and insights to help you navigate the transition to 1099 work. So, sit back, relax, and get ready for Alesia’s expertise and passion for helping others achieve financial freedom and job satisfaction to motivate and inform you.

With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of MoneyRx for CRNAs with the fascinating Alesia Quante.

Episode Highlights

[03:34] Navigating the transition from W2 employee to 1099 contractor.

[05:02] How the 1099 Success Academy works.

[14:01] The importance of a comprehensive support system.

[17:09] Empowering CRNAs through education and mentorship.

[24:57] The benefits of 1099 employment for CRNAs.

[31:35] Understanding the mega backdoor Roth.

[37:14] Tax strategies for self-employed CRNAs.

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