Episode 17: Focus on Your Mission, and the Money Will Follow with Andre Berenzon

My guest on today’s podcast is Andre Berenzon. Andre is the owner of Park West Fitness, a state-of-the-art, multi-sport facility headquartered in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Park West Fitness offers all types of fitness from CrossFit and personal training to self-defense and youth sports. As a mission-driven business owner, Andre strives to bring as much value to his community as possible.

However, what’s unique about Andre is his experience as a professional soccer player in Brazil beginning at age 14. This experience prepared him for entrepreneurship by instilling structure in both his work ethic and time management. Moreover, after playing professional soccer for nearly 10 years, Andre immediately entered the business world with an “I don’t have a plan b, so this has to work” mindset, which pushed him to overcome any fear of failure.

In this episode, we talk about how Andre has combined his values around sports and health to create his ideal life. For Andre, this includes being head soccer coach at the local high school. In addition, we discuss how Andre has diversified his business model while streamlining operations to create a seamless experience for his customers.

Finally, be certain to listen to the end, where Andre shares why his goal isn’t to scale his business for the next 10 years. Also, Andre shares his vision of financial freedom, which to him doesn’t necessarily mean not working. So, whether you’re curious how a local business owner has achieved success, or you’re interested in building your own mission-driven business, I hope you’ll find Andre’s story compelling.

Andre Berenzon on Building a Mission-Driven Business

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