Episode 30: Crafting a Holistic Client Experience with Jordan Ilderton

Today I’m interviewing Jordan Ilderton, the “Holistic CFO.” Jordan is the founder of Ilderton Bookkeeping & Advisory based in Charleston, South Carolina.

However, what’s unique about Jordan is how she positions herself as a holistic CFO and business coach. Unlike most full-time CPAs and bookkeepers, Jordan partners with a handful of business owners who want to grow and expand their businesses. Rather than simply providing her clients with financial reports, she works with them to ensure they understand what’s behind the numbers. As a result, her clients can make more informed business decisions that get them closer to their goals.

In this episode, Jordan shares how her traditional bookkeeping business evolved to provide a variety of services, including profitability coaching and one-on-one consulting. Additionally, she shares how by offering coaching and consulting services alongside bookkeeping, she’s able to give her clients forward-looking advice rather than simply a snapshot of the past.

In addition, we talk about the most common cash flow mistakes Jordan sees small business owners make. Primarily, not knowing where their money is going. But by connecting her clients’ values to their expenses, she helps them become more intentional with their spending and ultimately create the business they want.

Lastly, be sure to listen to the end, as Jordan shares the one thing she’s implemented in her own business that’s gotten her the biggest results. And what she wishes she knew when first starting her bookkeeping business in 2015.

So whether you’re looking for creative ways to grow your own business or just curious how this small business owner went from bookkeeper to holistic CFO, I hope you enjoy this episode of The Retiring Entrepreneur Podcast with Jordan Ilderton.

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