Episode 14: The Secret to Cultivating a Business-Friendly Community with Eric DeMoura

My guest today is Eric DeMoura. Eric is town administrator of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, a twice elected all-American and one of the fastest-growing business-friendly cities east of the Mississippi River.

Unlike most town administrators, Eric has been working for the town of Mount Pleasant for 18 years. However, what’s unique about Eric is his journey from a childhood interest in government leadership to his time as county manager, then deputy mayor, and now city manager. Eric’s role and intentionality in making Mount Pleasant a business-friendly community are also noteworthy. Currently, Mount Pleasant’s more than 8,000 businesses make up almost two-thirds of the city’s tax revenue.

In this episode, we talk in-depth about why Eric believes municipalities need to help business owners attract employees, especially given the current labor shortage. Additionally, we discuss how Eric balances the competing interests of residents and the business community. 

Eric also shares how he leads his team to focus on the things they can control. Specifically, providing business owners with the speed and predictability they deserve from their local government. Moreover, you’ll learn how Eric tracks key performance indicators to measure the overall health of the Mount Pleasant community.

Finally, you’ll hear why Eric is so passionate about overcoming the misconception of government versus the private sector. And be certain to listen to the end, where Eric shares the one lesson he hopes local businesses took away from the Covid-19 pandemic.

With that, I hope you enjoy the episode: The Secret to Cultivating a Business-Friendly Community with Mount Pleasant Town Administrator, Eric DeMoura.

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