Episode 19: A Corporate Veteran Turned Restauranteur Reveals His Secrets to Success with Torrey Glass

My guest on today’s podcast is Torrey Glass. Torrey is the owner of 60 Bull Café, located in Harleston Village in downtown Charleston, South Carolina. What’s unique about Torrey, though, is how he leveraged his 30-plus year career as a corporate sales and marketing executive to become a business owner and restauranteur in 2016.

In this episode, we talk in depth about how Torrey turned down the family business when his father offered it to him. Instead, he launched into the corporate world with stints at Fortune 500 companies like Sunbeam, Rubbermaid, and Mr. Coffee. We also discuss how in 2013, Torrey began to focus on the idea of having a gourmet deli. And despite identifying the perfect space for his deli in 2014, it didn’t fit his original concept. But knowing that location is everything, he changed his concept to fit the space. This eventually became 60 Bull Café.

And be certain to listen to the end, where Torrey shares why he believes 60 Bull Cafe has prospered while most of the food and beverage industry has not. Plus, you’ll find out Torrey’s keys to success, which can benefit any business owner. With that, I hope you enjoy this episode of The Retiring Entrepreneur Podcast with Torrey Glass.

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