The Seven Step Exit Planning Process

Seven Step Exit Planning Process

There is a “recipe” for creating a successful intergenerational transfer. It isn’t the only recipe that works, but because it depends on six carefully chosen ingredients, its chances for successful completion are greater than others. If any of the following six ingredients is compromised, or worse still, missing, the result will change. Ingredient 1: Parents must …

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Identifying “The Gap”

value gap

Business owners have a lot of information at their fingertips. There are calculators and assessments available for just about every aspect of your business and personal situation. As a result, many business owners think they have an accurate idea about the value of their business. They may even think they have an idea of where …

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Getting the Results You Want

Business Exit Planning

As you consider your business exit, you may find that approaching it alone is prohibitively challenging. You may also find that some of the advisors with whom you’ve worked don’t have all of the skills, tools, and strategies necessary to help you exit on your terms. While planning for your future is the key, you know that results are …

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