E2: 5 Reasons Why Investing in the Stock Market Is a Smart Money Move for CRNAs

Investing in Stocks for CRNAs

In this episode, host Brett Fellows, CFP®, delves into the top five reasons why investing in stocks is a smart financial move for CRNAs planning for retirement.

For most CRNAs, the bulk of your retirement nest egg will be in your 401(k) account or your 403(b) account. And accordingly, your monies will grow because they’re invested in the stock market. So, naturally in our work with CRNA clients, investing in stocks is a crucial component of a well-rounded financial plan.

And yes, while there are risks involved with investing in stocks, the potential for long-term growth and future financial stability will far outweigh the risks. Why is this, you might be wondering? Well, historically, the stock market has produced higher returns on your money compared to other investment vehicles such as real estate or bonds and savings accounts.

Now, as we sit here in 2024, with the advent of technology and online investing platforms, it has become easier than ever before to invest in the stock market. So, for today’s episode, I’m going to delve into the top reasons why investing in the stock market is a smart financial move for CRNAs, and why you should consider starting now.

Episode Highlights

[02:16] Why investing in the stock market offers CRNAs the potential for higher returns.  

[02:42] The importance of diversification and how stocks contribute to a diversified investment portfolio.

[03:24] How stocks can serve as an effective hedge against inflation, and why this is important for CRNAs planning for retirement.

[03:54] The potential benefits of owning shares of a publicly traded company.

[04:46] The reasons why investing in stocks can provide CRNAs with more flexibility than other types of investments.

[05:31] How stocks have performed historically relative to other asset classes.

[10:58] Understanding the power of compounding interest.

[13:39] Navigating market volatility and economic events when investing in the stock market.

[17:09] Creating a diversified investment portfolio.

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