E3: Here’s How CRNAs Can Minimize Taxes in Retirement

How CRNAs Can Lower Taxes in Retirement

Today, I want to talk to CRNAs about how you can lower your taxes in retirement. Because if you’re approaching retirement or already in it, you should start planning now to decrease your future taxes.

Story for you: Recently a new CRNA client visited our office. This was last year. She had a good problem to have. Specifically, she had saved too much money.

Indeed, most of her money was in a traditional IRA account, and she was worried about the taxes. So, she came to us wanting to know how to lower her taxes in retirement.

Fortunately, there are many ways CRNAs can lower taxes in retirement, all without doing anything illegal or unethical.

How is that the case?

Well, grab a cup of coffee and settle in. Because if you listen on, you’ll learn how to reduce your tax bill in retirement.

Episode Highlights

[01:58] Understanding required minimum distributions (RMDs) and their role in lowering taxes in retirement.

[06:07] The tax implications of traditional vs. Roth IRAs.

[08:41] How CRNAs can lower taxes in retirement by taking advantage of gap years and optimizing Social Security benefits.

[12:25] Minimizing your tax liability in retirement with partial Roth conversions.

[13:48] How pensions and strategic charitable donations can affect your tax planning in retirement.

[19:21] Managing capital gains and expenses for tax efficiency.

[21:20] Tax planning for CRNAs working beyond age 70.

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