Episode 37: Finding Peace, Purpose, and Authenticity with Neelma Pyfrom

My guest on today’s episode of The Retiring Entrepreneur Podcast is Neelma Pyfrom. Neelma is a life coach, life strategist, and founder of Living Lotus Life Coaching, based in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. As a life coach and strategist, Neelma works with clients to help them find peace, purpose, and authenticity.

What’s unique about Neelma, however, is how unlike a traditional counselor or therapist, she helps her clients develop habits and strategies so that they can achieve specific goals. And rather than focusing on the past, she helps people look to the future and take clear steps to get where they want to be while holding them accountable along the way.

In this episode, Neelma shares where most people tend to go wrong when it comes to achieving their goals, based on her own experience as a life coach. And why a lack of self-awareness can cause us to pursue the wrong opportunities and keep us unfocused and unfulfilled.

We also discuss how she helps her clients achieve work-life balance, particularly those who are entrepreneurs and small business owners. In addition, Neelma explains how she helps clients create new habits to replace the habits that may be keeping them from advancing in their careers and life.

Advice from a Life Coach

And be sure to listen to the end, where Neelma shares some of the strategies she offers her clients to overcome anxiety and be more mindful in their everyday lives. Additionally, we discuss some of Neelma’s most powerful influences, as well as the resources she recommends for people looking to go down the path of self-development.

So whether you’re interested in learning more about what a life coach does or looking for strategies that can help you live a happier, more fulfilling life, I hope you enjoy this episode of The Retiring Entrepreneur Podcast with life coach Neelma Pyfrom.

Episode Highlights

Enjoy the Episode!

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