Episode 15: CPA Nikki Hinske Shares Her Tips for Long-Term Financial Success

My guest on today’s podcast episode is Nikki Hinske. Nikki is the founder of Hinske & Clarey CPA, which offers an array of specialties for individuals and businesses, including business consulting, tax planning, tax compliance, client representation, and accounting services for about 800 entities.

However, Nikki’s approach is unique compared to most CPAs, who offer traditional accounting services around tax returns and financial reporting. Instead, she brands her offering as helping clients take advantage of tax and business opportunities long before the filing deadline. As she likes to say, “I’d rather have shock in December than tears in April.”

In this episode, we talk in depth about the journey of Hinske & Clarey’s business model. Plus, Nikki describes her a-ha moment working as an auditor, where she realized that helping her clients change the trajectory of their financial lives gave her far more personal satisfaction. In addition, you’ll hear how Nikki spent six years working with her mentor and learning the importance of quality work over quantity. And how establishing a long runway and transition period to buy out her mentor solidified Nikki’s opportunity for success.

We also discuss how important it is for business owners to focus more on saving for retirement outside of the business. And how the best habit any new business owner can develop is paying themselves a level salary early on. 

Whether you’re a business owner or interested in learning more about the services Nikki and her team at Hinske & Clarey CPA provide, I hope you enjoy this episode of The Retiring Entrepreneur Podcast.

Nikki Hinske, CPA on the importance of proper tax planning

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