Can Family Business Transfers Succeed?

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In the checkered, but always interesting, history of nepotism (as it relates to business transfer) we find that parents hope a child will take over a business for several reasons: 1. The joy of working together. (At least that’s what some owners claim.) 2. Greater employment and financial opportunities for family members than that available [...]

Successful Planning Starts Much Earlier Than You Think

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Many business owners believe they have plenty of time to create a successful plan for the future of their businesses. Most commonly, owners think that if they give themselves a few years, they can transform their businesses into whatever they need them to be: whether that means bigger, more valuable, or more easily sold/transferred. And [...]

Are you safe in the hands of financial advisors?

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Did you know?If you hire a brand-name advisor, they are most likely accountable to the shareholders of their company. That means they need to focus on generating profits. So they may put the company’s interests in front of yours. In fact, it’s perfectly legal. Is that common?Is it common for brand-name advisors to put the company’s [...]

Kids learn their money values from you. Have the hard conversations with them.

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unsplash-logoSharon McCutcheon Money conversations can be hard. Have them anyway. If you really want your children to have good financial habits in the future, you can't afford to not talk to them about money now. While it's best to start when children are young, remember, it's never too late to get the conversation started. Even if [...]

Is Concierge Medicine Worth The Cost?

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Over the years, we have found that there are elements of your life that are more important than money. These elements - Physical Health, Relationship Health, Inner Health and Career Health - cannot be delegated. We hope that you find this article to be of value in improving the quality of your life. The concept of [...]

Is Retiring Abroad the Best Choice For You?

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More Americans are leaving the U.S. to chase retirement dreams abroad than ever before. Though it's hard to estimate the exact number of expat retirees, the Social Security Administration sends over 680,000 monthly checks overseas.1 For many, the main reasons are cost or a better lifestyle - with services such as housekeeping, cooking, and home care [...]

You Should Freeze Your Child’s Credit. It’s Not Hard. Here’s How.

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Photo by Mike Scheid on Unsplash Thanks to a recent new Federal Law, the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act of 2018, anyone from an infant to your great-grandmother can freeze their credit report for free (a Congressional response to the Great Equifax Hack of 2017 and the aftermath of people who struggled with [...]

Tips for Your Financial Future

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However much you make or save now doesn’t promise you a bright financial future. Life is unpredictable. Follow these 10 tips to prevent you and your family from money troubles. See a lawyer and make a will. If you have a will, make sure it is current and valid in your home state. You and your [...]

Act before year end to minimize your tax burden.

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Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Some people think they can wait until March to worry about taxes.  Wrong. The end of the year is a perfect time to make some last-minute efforts to reduce your tax burden. Advice this year is a little different, as no one is quite sure what 2019 will bring from a tax [...]

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Tired of Tossing & Turning? Know Your Risk Tolerance

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Photo by elizabeth lies on Unsplash All investments carry a tradeoff between risk and return—generally, the higher the risk, the higher the potential return—or loss. Conversely, the lower the risk, the lower the potential return or loss. The goal is to find the right level of risk that provides the returns you need, while [...]