Can Family Business Transfers Succeed?

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In the checkered, but always interesting, history of nepotism (as it relates to business transfer) we find that parents hope a child will take over a business for several reasons: 1. The joy of working together. (At least that’s what some owners claim.) 2. Greater employment and financial opportunities for family members than that available [...]

Successful Planning Starts Much Earlier Than You Think

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Many business owners believe they have plenty of time to create a successful plan for the future of their businesses. Most commonly, owners think that if they give themselves a few years, they can transform their businesses into whatever they need them to be: whether that means bigger, more valuable, or more easily sold/transferred. And [...]

Shaping vs. Creating – A Plan For Your Business

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When we talk about planning for the future, we often talk creating a plan. The idea of creating something as big as a plan for the future can imply a ton of from-scratch work (as is often the case), which can cause you to want to put that ton of work on to another day. [...]

Is Retiring Abroad the Best Choice For You?

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More Americans are leaving the U.S. to chase retirement dreams abroad than ever before. Though it's hard to estimate the exact number of expat retirees, the Social Security Administration sends over 680,000 monthly checks overseas.1 For many, the main reasons are cost or a better lifestyle - with services such as housekeeping, cooking, and home care [...]